Quad Bikes

Quad Biking

Enjoy 1 hour on quad bikes racing through the sand dunes of Atlantis in Cape Town. Quad biking is a serious rush and one of the most exciting things on 4 wheels. The trails twist and wind through the dunes, offering climbs, descents, technical sections and flat out straights. This is a great way to experience some of the nature of Cape Town. Whether you’re speeding through the fast stretches or navigating the technical sections, Quad Biking will knock your socks off!

Find out what you and your Quad Bike has got, or simply just take it easy and enjoy the awesome scenery. The quad bikes (ATV- All Terrain Vehicles ) are user friendly, new, comfortable and safe for beginners, with fully automatic gearboxes, quiet exhaust systems and low impact tires. This makes riding easy and relaxing whilst having a blast.
Please note that transport to the venue/attraction is not included in these rates, please request a transport quote when sending an enquiry.

from R750 per person sharing