Shark Cage Diving

Awe-inspiring, existential, exhilirating, cathartic, serene, contemplative, being one with the universe, Zen-like. These are all descriptions of what skydivers feel when they’re free-falling down to earth. Skydiving in Cape  Town is a unique way to experience the magnificence of the Western Cape. The local drop zone is a mere 20-minutes drive north of Cape Town. After a brief ground instruction and safety check, you’ll get into your gear and board the aircraft in preparation for an unforgettable experience.

The view as you climb to altitude is absolutely breathtaking and then it is time to step out and plummet thousands of feet towards a drop zone like no other on earth, being arguably one of the most beautiful sky dives in the world. Enjoy the experience as you free-fall for a full minute before your tandem jumpmaster opens the parachute and you float gently to the ground. You can request a video of your jump to show off to your family and friends. Be prepared to get blown away by this one!

Please note that transport to the venue/attraction is not included in these rates. You are welcome to arrange transport to the attraction with Village & Life Travel.

from R2 000 per person